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Stranger Homes: House Hunting to Avoid the Upside Down. When it comes to buying a home, you should consider any deal breakers that may affect your buying decision.

Ask any first-time home buyer about his or her home search, and you’ll probably hear that the quest isn’t easy. It’s tough saving up for a home. Landing a mortgage at the desired rate can be.

One traditional trick of buying and selling a home at the same time is the contract contingency. When you make an offer on your new home, you can make the purchase contingent (or dependent) on the sale of your current home.

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The typical home sale today involves more than 20 steps after the initial contract is accepted to complete the transaction. 1. A real estate professional can provide the experience and local knowledge to guide you through the entire process, and selling your home within the ideal time frame and at the most effective price point.

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Buying a home is a huge endeavor. The paperwork, deadlines, and research can all be a little stressful. Couple it with selling a home at the same time, and it can turn into one big, overwhelming headache. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re buying and selling a home simultaneously.

 · Lenders have the power to revoke a mortgage commitment and will do so if they see fit. Not too long ago a buyer was purchasing a home I listed in Millbury Mass. The buyer had been selling and buying a house simultaneously. They closed on their existing home but didn’t make their last mortgage payment.

Selling a home bought with cash could also be a problem if the owners stretched a lot financially to buy it. “If cash buyers decide it’s time. the same interest rate you’d pay with a mortgage,”.

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Buying and selling at the same time can be complicated and at times overwhelming, so it’s helpful to have a pro by your side. An experienced local agent will not only be able to help you determine the market value of your home, but they’ll be able to talk you through timing, strategy, and negotiation.

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