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. chitchat; chivalrous; chivalry; chives; chlorinate; chlorine; chloroform; chlorophyll.. perceptibly; perception; perceptive; perceptively; perch; percolate; percolator. self-inflicted; self-interest; selfish; selfishly; selfishness; selfless; self -made. stinking; stint; stipend; stipulate; stipulation; stir; stir-fry; stirrup; stitch; stitching.

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Certain economic agents have repeatedly and selfishly employed these terms to take advantage of the existent confusion. The situation degenerates further when, as quite often occurs, banks offer time "deposits" (which should be true loans) that become de facto "demand" deposits, as the banks provide the possibility of withdrawing the.

Fulfilment of this obligation is a condition precedent to the seller’s duty to perform his delivery obligations.30 For example if the letter of credit stipulates a bill of lading as one of the shipping documents when the contract permits seller to tender a delivery order, the letter of credit will be defective and can be rejected by the seller.31 If a nonconforming letter of credit is tendered and rejected, the buyer may cure the defect by procuring the issue of a new and conforming letter.

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This confusing terminology makes it even more complicated and difficult for citizens to distinguish between a true (demand) deposit and a loan contract (involving a term). Certain economic agents have repeatedly and selfishly employed these terms to take advantage of the existent confusion.