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I blinked away blinding pain, breathed rhythmically, then a napalm blast erupted and engulfed me, incinerating my masculinity, scorching away the ghosts of my past and my fears for my future. He hammered and kneaded me like a sculptor shaping rough stone into a statue of a goddess. My eyes signaled him onward, and to transport me with him.

The US supreme court declared that a man has the Constitutional right to sodomy. (Inaudible remark from audience) All right! There’s 2003 as well. US District Court Byron Thompson ordered then Chief Justice Roy Moore, who was the Chief Justice of Alabama, the top judicial officer of the state to remove the 10 Commandments.

The little bird just sat there and blinked a lot, and looked around a bit, then did a little bird poo, and fluttered away to join his family in the bushes. Perhaps I’m weird, but I have always thought that the odds of me spotting the babies leaving the nest was slim, maybe 20/1 at best.

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"$130 Trillion – What We Owe – About that $14 trillion national debt: Get ready to tack some more zeros onto it. Taken alone, the amount of debt issued by the federal government – that $14 trillion figure that shows up on the national ledger – is a terrifying, awesome, hellacious number.

 · Recoil laughed "Hahaha.Trust me I am more than just any old villain, I am a new arrival to the villain scene of Japan. You are looking at the living phoenix of honorable villainy, Recoil, and I have deigned you worthy of my presence. YOU G! He pointed towards him a smirk forming beneath his mask.

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