Dan Rather Uses Hurricane to Push Vox Claim South Florida Will Be ‘Uninhabitable’

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Dan Rather Uses Hurricane to Push Vox Claim South Florida Will Be ‘Uninhabitable’ Even as Hurricane Irma prepared to strike Florida after devastating the Caribbean, discredited former news anchor Dan Rather promoted a Vox story worrying about how climate change is making parts of the state "uninhabitable."

Dan Rather Uses Irma to Push Vox Claim Florida Will be Uninhabitable. VIDEO Jim Carrey: Americans Should ‘Struggle’ Like ‘People Did With Czar’ Dating Site to Filter Millions of Users By Planned Parenthood Support. VIDEO CNN’s Don Lemon GLAAD Award Speech: ‘ I Can Smell’ Racism

Florida Man Bit by Rattlesnake While Attempting to "Kiss" it Health groups press FDA on biosimilars More than 15 health care organizations, including consumer advocates and industry groups, are pressing the Food and Drug Administration to finalize guidance that could beef up the savings from biosimilars.

I DECIDED TO STAY WITH COMCAST. Yes, you read correctly. I made the decision yesterday after coming ‘thisclose’ to switching to Verizon. This is the reason and in no way do I take back anything I said previously (below) about Comcast. I simply used my head instead of my heart, and took the better deal..

Still Tight in Florida:.Put that all together and the PollTracker Average (our trend estimate) shows Clinton 1.7, which places Florida in the Toss-Up category (any lead under 2 percentage points.) On balance, given the two other polls released today with Clinton 3, Selzer/Bloomberg looks like an outlier that is simply off the trend.

Quoting Dan Rather. Loser. That’s a word that donald trump fears being called more than any other. It is a word that he has wielded with relish against his enemies. But if the health care bill goes down in defeat, and at this point that is still a big if, Mr. Trump will be seen as a loser, and so will his new cheerleader Speaker of the House.