Fixtures Legal Definition

Fixtures possess the attributes of both real and personal property. Types. Fixtures are generally classified as agricultural, domestic, ornamental, or trade. Agricultural fixtures are articles that are annexed for the purpose of farming. Domestic and ornamental fixtures are objects that a tenant may attach to a unit in order to render it more habitable.

The concept of a fixture class of property existed in Roman law. The definition was a subtle and complicated part of the law of acces- sio. 10 Generally, objects put into use for permanent service in a

fixtures the doctrine by which most legal systems (including those of England and Scotland) accept that eventually moveable property can become real or heritable by affixing the moveable thing to the realty or heritage.

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Trade Fixtures Definition: Fixtures created during the course of a commercial lease and which revert to the tenant at the end of the lease if removable without damage. A distinct variety of fixtures which benefit from a common law rule that, if.

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