Foreclosure Roundup: Miami Jai-Alai after less than 9 months

 · If actual deficiency payments, which were determined after the crop year, were less than advance deficiency payments, the farmer was required to reimburse the government for the difference, except for zero, 50/85-92 payments. The FAIR Act of 1996 eliminated deficiency payments and replaced them with production flexibility contract payments.

 · The protest comes less than a week after President Barack Obama’s comments in support of the controversial talks. Critics have repeatedly slammed the influence of representatives from the banking, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries of a dozen countries on the deal.

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More than 9 percent of all homeowners in Massachusetts with adjustable-rate home loans, about 10,000 borrowers, are facing larger housing payments when their mortgages reset to higher interest rates over the next three months, suggesting the state will continue to.

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller jailed for fraud after hiding 600,000 in earnings  · Former "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller is going to prison for a year and a day after a federal judge handed down her sentence Tuesday morning in federal court. Miller had been indicted on 20 counts of fraud connected to hiding $755,000 in earnings from the government.

A blog and newsletter about the politics of crime (criminal politics) and prison legal issues. Should the law advance Deterrence or Retribution, Banishment or Rehabilitation?

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With apologizes to the filmmaker for politicizing his film, but NOBODY vetted Barack Obama after Barack Obama politicized his own mother’s cancer for his own political gain during the 2008 democratic race, and then again in the presidential debates. Did Barack Obama tend to his own mother in any personal way during her last couple of years of life, when she was dying of cancer in Hawaii?

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