New rules could make it easier to get mortgages for condos

The Government must help mortgage prisoners now – The new rules mean that many people are nonsensically being told that they can’t afford a cheaper mortgage. They’ve been moved on to their lenders’ expensive standard variable rate (svr), but no.

Should Condo Owners Press For FHA Approval – Rules that protect the residents also protect the lenders who make condo loans, which in turn protects FHA as the insurer of those loans. Here are a few of the more obvious ones: On a new condo, the developer must have sold at least 50% of the units in the project to permanent owner occupants.

Fannie Mae mortgage changes could make it harder for low. – Mortgage giant Fannie Mae will implement changes to a home loan program next month that may make it harder for some low-to-moderate income buyers in Hawaii, and nationwide, to qualify for a mortgage.

FHA Makes it Easier to Finance Condo Purchase – New rules. – FHA Makes it Easier to Finance Condo Purchase. New rules could make it easier to get mortgages for condos. Nov. 18, 2015. By NICHOLAS NEHAMAS The Miami Herald – tribune news service. Condominiums are often the most affordable option for first-time homebuyers, but federal rules have made it hard to get mortgages on them.

For instance, to get a Fannie Mae mortgage for a condo, the condo also needs to be on a list of approved or warranted buildings or developments. The rules include such things as commercial space like restaurants or stores shouldn’t make up more than 10 percent of the building’s space, Trungale says.

What is a Non-Warrantable Condo? 3 Ways to Buy Them Quickly. – Category: condo, mortgage, portfolio loan, real estate. conventional guidelines ( meaning fannie mae and Freddie Mac won't buy the loan).. Again, not the easiest thing in the world to get on that list.. New construction condos.. It would seem that the most logical thing to do would be to get the condo.

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New Rules Make It Easier to Get an FHA Mortgage for a Condo – In addition to the liberalized condo-to-commercial ratio, the agency announced three other changes designed to make it easier to finance a condo with an FHA loan. FHA is allowing single investors to buy up to half the units in a project, up from 10 percent previously. That move is as likely to help suburban and urban markets as resort areas.

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