Not enough nurses, but limited space in state nursing schools

Nursing schools are increasingly unable to accommodate the influx of new students because they don’t have enough space or qualified teachers. To make up for this challenge, one thing that schools such as South University and purdue university global are doing is developing high-quality online nursing programs.

School Nurses: Keeping Children Healthy and Ready to Learn August 18, 2010 In 1897, health authorities in New York City hired doctors to examine public school students for infectious diseases-not to treat them, but to identify children who would be sent home so as not to infect their classmates.

A nursing faculty shortage is producing a circular crisis, as students are being turned away from understaffed nursing schools at a time when more nurses are needed in the U.S. healthcare system.

 · Hello, I am currently a Biology major, but am planning on switching to Pre-Nursing. I just finished my 1st semester of college and got a 3.58 GPA. I was just wondering, if I continuously average a 3.5-3.6 GPA, would it be enough to get me into a Nursing School. Ive.

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Additional Admission Requirements. Readmission and transfer nursing courses must have been taken within one year and evaluated by the nursing readmission and transfer committee. Transfer nursing students are accepted on a limited basis depending on space availability. Courses must be taken in the sequence published in the sample program of study.

Since there is currently a higher demand and growth expectancy for primary care and advanced practice nurses, schools are addressing the shortage issue by supporting more students in higher nursing degree programs. With smarter systematic operation and budget strategies, nursing schools can put an end to the crisis.

Understanding the Nursing Shortage Though enrollments are up, schools are still not graduating enough nurses to meet the project demand. Even at the current rate of nurse production, the country is now experiencing a shortage of more than 118,000 RNs; this shortage will likely