Can I File a Quiet Title Action Against My Mortgage Lenders My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida This is a bit complicated, but I will try to keep it brief. I filed Chapter 7 in August of 2009 in Florida.

Quiet Title is Possible in Florida Foreclosure Actions Elizabeth Spencer, Appellant, vs. EMC Mortgage Corporation, Appellee.. Spencer defaulted on the Note and Mortgage, and accordingly, the then title holder to the Note accelerated payment of the entire amount due and owing on the Note and.

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In Florida, foreclosure defenses (for residential foreclosures) can be. Under Florida Statute 95.11(2)(c), all mortgage foreclosure lawsuits must be filed. See, e.g, Foreclosure Fraud Cases: Banks and Mortgage Servicers Have an Achilles Heel, Title Problems Related to MERS.. Quiet Title Actions.

 · It’s called a “quiet title,” where the court establishes a party’s title to the property to remove or “quiet” any challenges or claims to it. It sounds like an impossible endeavour.

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associations can take the title to the property and then force the primary lien holder to initiate its own foreclosure proceeding or release its mortgage so the association can sell the unit to cover.

 · In Florida, a quiet title action is filed pursuant to specific Florida Legislation found in Chapter 65 of the Florida Statutes, “Quieting Title.” ( You can read through the entire chapter online here.

QUIET TITLE TO ELIMINATE YOUR MORTGAGE – FLORIDA SUMMER UPDATE 2015. Generally courts have decided that deceleration occurs when the lender voluntarily dismisses its foreclosure. There is more court disagreement on whether if the court dismisses the foreclosure with prejudice whether that too acts as a deceleration,

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primarily involving mortgage foreclosure litigation. Additionally, he defends claims arising under the Fair debt collection practices act and Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act, lien priority.


A quiet title action is a lawsuit that is brought in circuit court to clear a party’s title to real property. The purpose of a quiet title action is to eliminate all claims to title, which might stand in the way of a title insurance company issuing a clear title insurance policy.

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