The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Florida Man Gets 60 Months For Duping Victims Into Borrowing Against Their Home Equity In $2M Ripoff

Under good market conditions, it’s possible to cycle through appraisals until the buyer finds one offering a bloated value-equity pay dirt. But, if foreclosure occurs, the preferred buyer’s credit gets ruined. And the home gets dumped back on the market-pulling down property values in the surrounding area.

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[T]he Office of the Nevada Attorney General announced the arrest shafik hirji for Theft in excess of $2,500 – a class B felony, and three counts of Uttering Forged Instruments – class D felonies. The arrest was made in connection with Hirji’s alleged theft of home equity in connection with a mortgage loan.

Just across from Kinko’s on Willamette lies Barack Obama’s new headquarters. And Springfield is the home for Hillary Clinton’s newly opened local campaign office for Lane County, located across the street from Club 1444 (a "gentlemen’s club"), a 60-day loan shop and a panaderia on Main Street. Clinton’s office is one of six offices statewide.

Meanwhile the Zionists have drawn us into two self-defeating wars against Mohammedans while illuminati prevent us from "profiling" feces-colored Near-Easterners in airports – this, while the Jews churn out movies about evil Whites. Long ago, the peoples of the western Roman Empire were certain their regime would last forever.

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