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On the other, colonists relied upon forts and a warship to protect the city, but found that the guns in the forts were good enough to play with, but practically useless to fight with and that the warship, as a cost cutting venture, was carefully preserved out of harm’s way by.

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 · reporters solemnly reported even this: "He (Flannery) also predicts that the ongoing drought could leave Sydney’s dams dry in just two years." And when did he say that? Oh, three years ago? Yet what do I read in my papers yesterday but this: "Sydney’s run of rainy days in a row – 11 – is the most in April for 77 years." And Sydney’s dams?

I MAKE THESE PROMISES solemnly, freely and upon my honour. Handbook of WMA Policies D-­1949-­01-­2006 world medical association WMA INTERNATIONAL CODE OF MEDICAL ETHICS Adopted by the 3rd general assembly of the World Medical Association, London, England, October 1949 and amended by the 22nd

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The reason for this is that in political oratory there is less inducement to talk about nonessentials. Political oratory is less given to unscrupulous practices than forensic, because it treats of wider issues. In a political debate the man who is forming a judgement is making a decision about his own vital interests.

This is the claim that Lee, Jackson, Stuart, and other Confederate notables are duly consigned to eternal opprobrium because they "fought to preserve slavery" while Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and other Founding Fathers, although slave owners themselves, did not.

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When Britain’s warships defeated China in 1842, China was forced to accept free trade, including the damaging, morally bankrupt trade in opium. This is a glimpse of what British free trade’ looked like and why it’s deeply troubling to see it and empire being lauded by politicians.

All of them were conscious of the solemn dignity that flowed from him, of his achievement, fragmentary, suggestive and surpassed. But they were frightened at his survivant will, once a will to live, now become a will to die.

Decided: August 31, 1992. And she was as good as her word: he testified that Shea appeared both at the sentencing hearing in the Norwalk case and at a hearing on May 31, 1979, to modify Mikles’s sentence in the Long Beach case, and on each occasion she spoke to the court on Mikles’s behalf.

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