Where Are the Move-Up Home Buyers?

 · Ready to trade up? Where move-up homebuyers are heading in metro Phoenix to find deals. Now that home prices have recovered for most Valley homeowners, move-up buyers are trading up.

opportunity to move up. Before you make any decisions, take a look at the top six mistakes buyers make when looking to take advantage of this market trend. choosing the wrong (or no) agent: In terms of getting the most from your current home and negotiating the best deal on the new house, don’t leave your investment options to chance.

Over the past 20 years, the new-home market in the. segment of the market is buying them. Even more surprising is the crossover appeal. All segments of the market – including first-time buyers,

Move-up buyers drive housing recovery; millenials keep renting. During the past six years, millennials – adults in their 20s and early 30s – have been renting apartments, for both financial and lifestyle reasons, often in urban areas. The Downtown apartment market is booming, leading to Marion County’s first residential construction boost in years.

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New-home starts lag behind the need. there’s increasing activity not just among first-timers, but also among move-up buyers and even millennials, who are snapping up condos and small units..

For Los Angeles' first-time and repeat homebuyers, the buying. Many first-time buyers are starting with “move-up” homes, which are in the.

 · Move-up home buyers are finally getting their piece of the pie. Do you remember the soundtrack to the old 1970s television show, The Jeffersons? The catchy jingle talked about “moving on up,” in the context of living in a “deluxe” property (in the sk-ky) on a nicer side of town.


Snohomish County: $367,475. Two trends of note in the NWMLS roundup: Agents hearing of baby boomers leaving Seattle to retire in cheaper cost-of-living states, and a "shift from move-up and luxury.

The percentage of homeowners moving up to their next home is the. From 1987 to 2008, home buyers stayed in their homes six years on.